Digital Gallery

At Studio Raga Selamanya, we’re proud to introduce our innovative Digital Gallery Ownership Verification feature. This cutting-edge technology allows customers who purchase our artists’ products, particularly those associated with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), to enjoy a unique and immersive experience in our digital gallery while providing undeniable proof of ownership.

How It Works

Purchase Artwork:

When you buy a product associated with an NFT from Studio Raga Selamanya, you become the rightful owner of a digital representation of that artwork. You can view your product in our digital gallery with the owner’s name after scanning the QR code when you receive it and claiming it to your digital wallet.

Access the Digital Gallery:

As the proud owner, you gain exclusive access to our digital gallery, a virtual space that showcases the art you’ve acquired. This gallery is accessible through our website.

Immerse Yourself:

Step into a virtual realm where your purchased artwork is displayed in all its glory. You can explore, interact with, and appreciate the artwork as if it were hanging in a physical gallery.

Proof of Ownership:

This digital gallery serves as irrefutable proof of your ownership of the associated NFT. The ownership is verified through blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity of your purchase.

Key Features

You can zoom in, rotate, and even view details of the artwork in the digital gallery, providing a unique and immersive experience.
Our ownership verification is blockchain-backed, guaranteeing the integrity of your ownership record.
You have the option to share your virtual gallery experience with friends and fellow art enthusiasts, further cementing your connection to the artwork.
Not only does the digital gallery enhance your ownership experience, but it also serves as a digital showcase for your art collection.
This feature is exclusively available to those who have purchased products connected to our NFT technology, creating a sense of belonging to an elite group of art connoisseurs.